The perfect holiday in Vieste, Puglia

Are you planning to spend your summer vacations in Puglia, maybe in the beautiful Vieste, but you don’t know whether to book your stay in a holiday camp or in a residence? Don’t worry, here’s everything there is to know about the two types of structures so you can decide which one is the most suitable for you and your family!

Holiday camp in Vieste: the characteristics and who it suits

Holiday camps are extra-hotel facilities, i.e. places equipped for the stay of holidaymakers organized in independent structures, such as bungalows or houses. The main feature of holiday camps, especially those in Puglia, is the maximum comfort offered to tourists: these facilities, in fact, are designed to ensure great relaxation and fun for guests, are equipped with common areas such as swimming pools, outdoor areas and even shops, and offer amazing entertainment and leisure activities.

Group excursions, baby clubs, themed evenings, interactive shows… there is always plenty of entertainment in holiday camps. Both adults and children can take part in fun activities designed to make their vacation unforgettable.

Holiday camps in Vieste really combine the best of experiences in hotels and rented houses: those who choose the holiday camps in the area do not have to worry about small daily chores (cooking, redoing beds, cleaning, etc …), but will still enjoy maximum independence, choosing which activities among those offered are the most suitable for them.

Vieste’s holiday camps are suitable for people that:

  • want to socialize;
  • want to relax and be pampered;
  •  want to have fun;
  • like a bit of independence, but do not want to give up all the services offered by hotels;
  • are seeking assistance in the care of children.

Residence for holidays in Puglia: the characteristics and who it suits

Residences are also accommodation facilities structured in apartments, which are rented individually to holidaymakers. The main characteristic of these residential complexes is the great independence they offer: although they are all part of a single structure, tourists are responsible for preparing meals, cleaning, and organizing every detail of their days.

In holiday residences in Puglia, there are no timetables to respect and group entertainment that interrupts the activities of holidaymakers, however, the guest has the security to spend their vacation in a safe place, where there are figures able to help guests in case of need for the whole duration of their stay.

The residences in Puglia are suitable for people that:

  • love independence;
  • want to spend their time doing only what interests them the most;
  • do not want to give up their daily habits;
  • do not like group activities.

Residenza SantAndrea: mixing the best of holiday camps and residences in one facility in Vieste

Are you looking for the perfect place to spend your holidays in Vieste? Then choose Residenza SantAndrea, a facility that is the perfect mix of a holiday camp and a classic residence for tourists.  

The guests of Residenza SantAndrea can count on independent bungalows, equipped with every comfort and surrounded by b, where they can spend peacefully their holidays, without being disturbed by the staff or other guests, where they can follow their habits and also have premium services such as cleaning, linen changes and the rental of bicycles for excursions in the area.

No fixed hours, just a lot of peace and quiet and a breathtaking view await holidaymakers who choose to spend their holidays in Vieste at Residenza SantAndrea. Guests will also get sunbeds and beach umbrellas already included in the price, tennis courts to attend only if and when they feel like it, a playground to entertain children and, for those who want to have a taste of real Italian food, the opportunity to activate a special package with the restaurant of the beach resort Tintarella di Luna.

The staff of the structure, always attentive and discreet, is available for advice on the best activities to do during the holiday and the most unmissable places in the city, so as to be sure that every vacationer lives the most unforgettable holiday of their life.

For more information on summer availability, please contact Residenza SantAndrea.