The most beautiful places in Vieste that you can miss when you’re on holiday in the city

In recent years Puglia has become one of the most popular summer tourist destinations, especially among those who love the sea and water sports. The town, located in the heart of the Gargano National Park, is full of many attractions and beautiful monuments that are worth visiting even if you are passing through. Here is a list of places to visit during a holiday in the Vieste area.


The Pizzomunno is a giant limestone monolith 25 meters high located south of the town. It stands in front of the beach of Scialara and there are many legends related to it. The best known is the one that tells the story of Pizzomunno, a young man who was transformed into stone by the sirens, jealous of his love for the young and beautiful Cristalda.

The castle

Located on a cliff overlooking the sea, the castle of Vieste was built to protect the city by Federico II in 1242 after the raid of the Venetians. The structure underwent numerous changes over the centuries until the arrival of the Spanish, who implemented the last changes. Today the castle is a military seat and is open to the public only during the summer.

The Roman Villa of Santa Maria di Merino

The archaeological complex of Merino is located in an area known as a Roman Villa. The area is located about 7 km from Vieste. The central place of the archaeological complex is the sanctuary, built on the remains of an ancient Roman Villa probably built around the first century AD. Around the main structure, you can see numerous Roman archaeological remains dating back to the same period.

The Caves

The sea surrounding Vieste is rich in sea caves. These natural wonders were created by the action of air and water on the limestone rock and are about twenty. The most famous are the large bell cave, the smugglers’ cave, the swallows’ cave, the broken cave, the two eyes cave, the emerald cave, the tomatoes’ cave and the cave of the sirens, which according to legends was the place where the sirens chained the young girls of whom they were jealous. These places can only be reached by kayak or by tour operator boats.

The Malacological Museum

A little-known place, but certainly worth a visit, is the Malacological Museum of Vieste. The museum contains numerous specimens of shells, more or less rare, and fossils of shells from all over the world.